Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boston - Tagged By Teegan Miles

1) Boston has recently become obsessed with "choo-choo trains." Santa gave him a "Thomas the Train" set at the Bishop family Christmas party. He has to play with it every day. Brandi gave him another train the other day that plays music (the music sounds like a chronic asthma patient playing a cheap recorder). Thanks a lot Brandi.
2) Boston loves basketball. Well, most sports but especially basketball. He tries so hard to dribble his basketball on the tile. Most of the time it gets away from him after the first bounce but there are occasions where he will get two bounces in.
3) He does not like to watch T.V. (unless it is basketball). He hates it when his parents watch T.V. because he knows we are not paying attention to him. He will often run up to the T.V. and turn it off and stand there and smile at us.
4) Boston loves waffles, rice, applesauce, breakfast (which is what he calls Nutri-Grain bars), and candy.
5) Boston likes to take naps and go to sleep at night.
6) Boston thinks any snowmobile, four-wheeler, tractor, truck, etc. belongs to Grandpa.
7) Boston is mischievous. To date he has gotten into and or eaten Goo-Gone, Pepper Spray, Vick's Vapor Rub, Diaper Cream, and food out of the garbage. (Wow, we sound like negligent parents)
8) Boston moans when he is falling asleep and he talks when he is asleep. Grandma Sherry heard him ask "Where did Mommy go?" one night when he was sleeping at their house.