Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Finally an update for any of those who are still checking my blog. Halloween this year was a lot of fun. Boston had so much fun with painting and carving pumpkins, making Halloween sugar cookies, and dressing up like a pirate. We asked him a month before Halloween what he wanted to be for Halloween and he chose a Pirate so he can have a sword. I always stress over costumes (my stress over costumes makes this Holiday my least favorite) but my mom was a life saver this year. Nick and I went costume shopping and didn't have much luck. My mom came to the rescue and put his costume together. A little bit of  frugal shopping at DI and a little sewing (two things she is very good at) and voila the custest little pirate ever. Kolson was easy, he wore the frog costume Boston wore a few years ago. He was a very cute frog and wore it the whole night without a fight.

The best part of making cookies is licking the beaters. This is Kolson's first beater experience, it was a hit.
Halloween night we went trick or treating with Nick's brother and his family. They live in the best neighborhood for trick or treating, tons of houses and close together. In Boston's own words he got "plenty of candy." He had so much fun running from house to house until he got worn out trying to keep up with his 5 year old cousin Bryndee. He and Kloee were such troopers.