Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The Real Stump Creek"

My boss told me about a great fishing spot a short distance from the Idaho/Wyoming border just west of Auburn, WY. Mitch (brother-in-law) and I attempted to find it last Friday but failed and were battered by mosquitoes (don't be surprised if the next entry is entitled "West Nile"). I went to work on Monday told my boss that we got skunked and pulled up Google Maps to show him where we went. Turns out we were too far upstream to catch any fish that were fed by a hatchery a mile or so away. So... Ashley, Boston, and I made the journey Tuesday night back across the border to Idaho (good, since I have yet to purchase a Wyoming licence) and we hit "The Real Stump Creek". Less mosquitoes + more fish = family enjoyment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seven and a Half Months Pregnant and Still Hotter than a Roman Candle!

I Love you Ashley.

Grover Park

Ashley's family came to town to visit this last weekend. On Saturday morning we went on a four-wheeler ride in Grover Park, which is a short 5-10 minute drive from where we live. There were 11 people (8 adults and three children) on 4 four-wheelers. Sound crowded? It was. Nonetheless, it was extremely fun. The kids did great and nobody was hurt..... badly. Jay and Sherry were graceful enough to leave one of their four-wheelers with us (since that is the primary mode of transportation out here). Boston has been elated. Ashley and I have been annoyed. On Sunday morning Boston awoke before we did. (The sound of tiny footsteps running from his room through the kitchen into ours) "I wanna ride the four-wheelel." I am sure that is what the kid dreamt about last night. He will not stop talking about it or taking a peek at it out the front window. By the way, I think a bear got into our garbage last night.