Thursday, January 31, 2008

Three Little Birds.......

There are certain experiences that I have had in my life that no matter how much time goes by or no matter how many times I think of them still make me laugh. I mean literally and physically laugh. These moments revisit my mind with no regard of where I am, who I am with, or what I am doing. These "revisitations" often happen when I am driving down the road thinking about absolutely nothing (which seems to also be coincidentally when I get speeding tickets or t-boned as I run stop signs). The great thing about these revisitations is that regardless the condition of my spirits at that moment (high or low) they are always sky-scraping come post revisitation. I hope that at least a few of you understand what I am talking about. If not, well, my wifes family will not have far to travel from Groveland to visit me at Blackfoot South Mental Hospital. Here are a few of the moments that I am referring to:
Circa 1996: Jordan (now my brother-in-law) and I were at the home of a friend (girl but not girlfriend). I had been "digging" (we were sophomores and I dont know what else would call it) a certain girl that was with us and several other friends that night which just happened to be Valentines night. I was sitting on the floor in front of a television as I play All-Star Challenge on Nintendo. Jordan was to my right sitting in a chair. The girl I had a thing for and her friends were all sitting on a couch behind me in front of them was a coffee table with a large bowl of conversation hearts on it. I was cleaning house on Nintendo and I am sure thinking that I was impressing the females by doing so. The game was close but I was able to squeak in a win. Well, that was not the only thing that squeaked. After I sunk the last second shot I gave a "Michael Jordan" arm thrust and as I did I ripped one. Everyone heard, including the girl. Jordan fell out of the chair laughing. All of the girls behind me laughed. Worst of all, the girl I dug reached her hand into the large bowl of conversation hearts and as she yelped "Sick!", she chucked the Valentine candy at me.

Circa 1997: As a junior in high school I was often called upon to drive to lunch. So my friends would often pile into my periwinkle blue Ford Ranger and we would fly to lunch and back. This particular occasion it was just myself and my friend Joe Thomas (we had a secret handshake). As we made our way out of the parking lot I became distracted (loud music or jovial chit-chat or both). At the end of the road leading out of the parking lot there is a stop sign that I failed to stop at. The girl in front of me did not. I rear ended her fairly hard. The reason I know it was a decent collision is that I was looking at my friend Joe when it happened. I saw his entire body take to the air. His body made contact with the dash board. His head made contact with the windshield. As he settled back into his earlier position facing me in his seat we looked at eachother. The look on his face was invaluable. I began laughing and although he must have been in pain, he began laughing as well.

Circa 2007: My brother-in-law (Mitch) and I were diggin a tunnel in a large snow drift/pile outside my in-laws cabin in Island Park. If anyone asks we were building it for our sons even though they had long since gone inside. But there we were making good progress taking turns at chopping away at the ice and snow. We had made the tunnel about as deep as it would go due to the fact we were digging towards a redwood deck. We decided to start digging from the top of the pile and make the tunnel open up on the deck. Mitch continued digging away as I went to the top. I am not sure if I stepped where I shouldnt have or what but the tunnel collapsed on Mitch. I first I must admit I kind of freaked out. There was a good amount of snow/ice above him and I wasnt sure if he was going to be able to breathe or not (I have heard alot of avalanche stories). As I jumped down off of the top of the deck I could hear some inaudible noises (probably the funniest part of the ordeal) and I saw Mitchs head poking out. He was able to breathe but unable to move due to the fact that he had a 200 lb slab of ice sitting on him.

Alright. Everyone blog about their own revisitation moments and title it "Three Little Birds...." Who knows? Maybe reading about eachothers revisitation moments may become one of our own revisitations moments.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dudes Blog Too.........?

Call me "metro sexual." Call me what you will but I thought I would dip into this "phenom" they call "blogging." I highly doubt that Ashley will participate much. She is not much for the written word unless it is a "romantic vampire novel"....? (All females in the audience know exactly what I mean). I do believe blogging should have a purpose. Sure, I could tell you (as if anyone would be interested in my life to read this) my wife is smoking hot or that my son has a sweet jump shot at the age of 1and ten twelfths, but I think a blog should perhaps contain a little bit more. I have read some blogs (branden raisenloaf) that are so incredibly satisfying (yet thought provoking) that after I read them I feel darn near violated (in a good way). So here is my hypothesis:
By nature I am not a funny person, nor overly interesting, nor smart. Why would anyone read my blog? Besides to look at the pictures and see how chubby I have become? That is why I believe in a little principle called "synergy." Ever heard of it? Well, I have. My good friend wiki puts it like this: Synergy (from the Greek syn-ergo, συνεργός meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents. (emphasis added) It is originally a scientific term. St. Paul used the word in his Epistles (Rom. 8:28; 1 Cor. 3:9) to illustrate a dynamic conception of human, divine and cosmic cooperation: "I did the planting, Apollos the watering, but God made things grow . . . We are fellow workers (synergoi) with God; you are God's farm, God's building."
Get where I am going with this associates? I could blog about politics (which I likely will), I could blog about my extreme dislike of Tom Brady (or anything Patriot-ish), I could blog about my visits to the gastroenterologist (which my wife wishes I wouldn't but I probably still will), but if we want to optimize our blogging experiences (synergize, if you will) then we must debate, reply, make fun (followed by an increase of love), agree, expound, etc.

This could be my first and yet the very last blog I ever write. If it is then I will join with the late great Patrick Ewing in declaring "If you can't win a championship then why play anymore?"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to my blog!!

Well Shani, this is for you and obviously wasn't created by Ashley. I did my part, now you just have to keep nagging her to update her posts. Anyone else who happens upon this blog, don't give up on her. Leave her some encouraging comments. She has a dang cute kid who does hilarious stuff, her husband who is just about as funny as Boston, and some pretty hilarious blonde moments of her own.