Sunday, December 7, 2008


It is a tradition of our's to decorate gingerbread houses each year around Christmas. Ashley and I were each working on our own and Boston was helping out where he could. Included in the gingerbread house kits we were using were small round hard candies like this one.
Boston was helping me put these on a Christmas tree (upside-down ice cream cone covered in green frosting).
Both Ashley and I became distracted while Boston continued playing with the bowl of these candies. A short while later Boston started picking his nose (not uncommon). Ashley began telling him to stop picking his nose, but to no avail. He picked and picked and picked some more. Then he began saying that his booger hurts and that he wanted to get it out. I stopped what I was doing and took him to the bathroom to get a Q-tip in order to dig the booger out. After he told me which nostril it was in I stuck the Q-tip way up to try to extract the menace. When I pulled the Q-tip out, naturally I looked to see what was giving the kid so much grief. Nothing...... Just a purple Q-tip. I thought to myself "Maybe he had purple on his fingers from playing with the candies.....?" Then I pulled the kid's head back and took a gander up his nose. And....
Do I need to go on? There it was. A small (not so small compared to his nostril) round purple candy. Ashley and I freaked out as we often do in times of "crisis". Somewhat reminiscent of the time Boston pepper sprayed himself. Thoughts of the ER bill that would be mailed to us in a few days made us cringe. I continued to try to get it out with the Q-tip but to no avail. We tried tweezers but the candy was too far back and his nostrils were just too small. Ashley tried nose drops to help the candy to dissolve but Boston didn't like that. About 15 minutes after the original discovery and several failed attempts to dislodge the candy, we finally came up with the idea to find something that we could bend like a hook and shove up there to pull it out. So I took the scissors and cut off a piece of Ashley's Christmas garland. I bent a small hook in one end, shoved it up his nose and the candy slipped right out. We both sighed a sigh of relief that we didn't over react by taking him to the hospital. Boston learned his lesson and right after the candy came out he said "I'm sorry" and gave us both hugs.


Bryndee, Kloee, and Boston watching Rudolf with Pa Rob.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Disclaimer: No children were hurt in the making of these video clips. Please do not report me to Social Services.

Monday, November 3, 2008


This Halloween was an especially fun Halloween. It was so fun watching Boston, he loved being a football player. Thanks Talia for letting us borrow your costumes. Kolson was a monkey for about 30 min and I'm glad we just borrowed his costume. He didn't hate it but it was just too much work taking it on and off every time we got in the car, so it was mainly for the parents sake that he did not wear it. We went to Idaho Falls for Halloween. We decided to carry on the tradition of trick or treating with Nick's siblings but before meeting up with his family we met my mom and siblings at the park so that my mom could see all of the kids in their costumes. We then met at Nick's sisters house and had pizza and hamburgers. Then we were off to trick or treat. It was a fun night. While we were in Idaho Falls Nick and I decided to go to a movie. We went to Eagle Eye. It is a must see. Nick can hardly stop talking about how good it was. I am a little depressed about being home now after such a fun weekend but at least I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.

Trying to get a good picture of all the kids is impossible. Especially since my child was running around.

Boston wore his costume all day. By the end of the day he didn't want to wear his helmet. This is the best picture I was able to get with it on.

Isn't he the cutest little monkey. I'm obviously bias. (Shani this picture is for you.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kolson's blessing day

Kolson's blessing day was a perfect day. All of my family and Nick's family were able to be there even though the weather didn't cooperate. It snowed about 6 inches in our part of the woods. Nick did a great job with the blessing. We had lunch at our house after church. It was great having all of our family there, but you can imagine what it was like having 12 kids and 17 adults in our small duplex. Boston was in heaven with all the kids and they all played pretty good together. It was a pretty good day, thank you everyone who came.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I've been wanting to get Kolson's pictures done professionally for a while but couldn't ever make it work when I was in Idaho Falls and I couldn't find anybody in Wyoming, so Brandi took some pics of him. They turned out really cute. Thanks Brandi.

Catching up

I think it is time that I take over our blog. Nick has always done it in the past but as you can see he has been slacking with the detail. He likes posting pictures and it ends there. I made him put the captions on the last pictures. But I am grateful he has at least been doing that much. (Nick your the best husand.) So first of all I will catch you up a little bit with Kolson. We named him Kolson (not Kohlson) Drake Bishop. We had to do some compromising with the spelling. We basically made a science project out of it. He was 7 lbs. 7 oz., 21 in. long. We went to the dr. last week and he was 9lbs. 4oz. 21 1/4 in. long. He is getting so big and doesn't look like a newborn anymore, it makes me want to cry. Nick thinks I am so silly, but he thinks they are boring until about 4 to 6 mos. so he's excited for him to get big. He has been the best baby, especially compared to Boston. Boston loves being a big brother. The other day Kolson was laying on the floor in Boston's room, I left him and Boston to put something in the kitchen and was gone only seconds when I heard "I'm holding him". I go into the room and Boston is sitting on the ground with Kolson in his arms. He did really pretty well except that Kolson's head was flopped backwards. I'm always having to keep a close eye on Boston because he loves to smother him and hug on him.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


The love of his life.

Picnic and marshmallow roast at Grover Park.

Grandma Sherry dressed them both.

Boston thinks every vehicle should have a trailer behind it. He had me rig this up with a shoe lace.

Part 1 of Boston riding in the park.

Part 2

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kohlson (Middle Name) Bishop

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The Real Stump Creek"

My boss told me about a great fishing spot a short distance from the Idaho/Wyoming border just west of Auburn, WY. Mitch (brother-in-law) and I attempted to find it last Friday but failed and were battered by mosquitoes (don't be surprised if the next entry is entitled "West Nile"). I went to work on Monday told my boss that we got skunked and pulled up Google Maps to show him where we went. Turns out we were too far upstream to catch any fish that were fed by a hatchery a mile or so away. So... Ashley, Boston, and I made the journey Tuesday night back across the border to Idaho (good, since I have yet to purchase a Wyoming licence) and we hit "The Real Stump Creek". Less mosquitoes + more fish = family enjoyment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seven and a Half Months Pregnant and Still Hotter than a Roman Candle!

I Love you Ashley.

Grover Park

Ashley's family came to town to visit this last weekend. On Saturday morning we went on a four-wheeler ride in Grover Park, which is a short 5-10 minute drive from where we live. There were 11 people (8 adults and three children) on 4 four-wheelers. Sound crowded? It was. Nonetheless, it was extremely fun. The kids did great and nobody was hurt..... badly. Jay and Sherry were graceful enough to leave one of their four-wheelers with us (since that is the primary mode of transportation out here). Boston has been elated. Ashley and I have been annoyed. On Sunday morning Boston awoke before we did. (The sound of tiny footsteps running from his room through the kitchen into ours) "I wanna ride the four-wheelel." I am sure that is what the kid dreamt about last night. He will not stop talking about it or taking a peek at it out the front window. By the way, I think a bear got into our garbage last night.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New house, why not a new bed?

As of Saturday May the 10th we are residents of rural Wyoming. Bedford, Wyoming to be exact (Do not try to look it up on an atlas or even google map it because it will either not be there or it will be mapped incorectly). We will blog more about this new adventure next week when we upgrade from our measly dial-up connection (it took about a half an hour to upload these two pictures).

We figured that since we were living in a new home that it would be a good time to graduate Boston from his crib into a real human bed. I guess all the change was too much for our son.

Boston had been screeming in his bed for over 20 minutes.

Once we place him in his crib.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Coming Soon: "The Valley of the Stars"

Coming Soon: "The Valley of the Stars". In the meantime, if you have any connections in Star Valley please let us know.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference, Cabin, Cousins




Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Final Score: Boys 3 Girls 1

Any suggestions as to what we could name him would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Boston - Tagged By Teegan Miles

1) Boston has recently become obsessed with "choo-choo trains." Santa gave him a "Thomas the Train" set at the Bishop family Christmas party. He has to play with it every day. Brandi gave him another train the other day that plays music (the music sounds like a chronic asthma patient playing a cheap recorder). Thanks a lot Brandi.
2) Boston loves basketball. Well, most sports but especially basketball. He tries so hard to dribble his basketball on the tile. Most of the time it gets away from him after the first bounce but there are occasions where he will get two bounces in.
3) He does not like to watch T.V. (unless it is basketball). He hates it when his parents watch T.V. because he knows we are not paying attention to him. He will often run up to the T.V. and turn it off and stand there and smile at us.
4) Boston loves waffles, rice, applesauce, breakfast (which is what he calls Nutri-Grain bars), and candy.
5) Boston likes to take naps and go to sleep at night.
6) Boston thinks any snowmobile, four-wheeler, tractor, truck, etc. belongs to Grandpa.
7) Boston is mischievous. To date he has gotten into and or eaten Goo-Gone, Pepper Spray, Vick's Vapor Rub, Diaper Cream, and food out of the garbage. (Wow, we sound like negligent parents)
8) Boston moans when he is falling asleep and he talks when he is asleep. Grandma Sherry heard him ask "Where did Mommy go?" one night when he was sleeping at their house.