Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New house, why not a new bed?

As of Saturday May the 10th we are residents of rural Wyoming. Bedford, Wyoming to be exact (Do not try to look it up on an atlas or even google map it because it will either not be there or it will be mapped incorectly). We will blog more about this new adventure next week when we upgrade from our measly dial-up connection (it took about a half an hour to upload these two pictures).

We figured that since we were living in a new home that it would be a good time to graduate Boston from his crib into a real human bed. I guess all the change was too much for our son.

Boston had been screeming in his bed for over 20 minutes.

Once we place him in his crib.


Brandi said...

shut up, that is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

So sad he just wanted to be in his crib even though he jumps out of it sometimes! I miss Boston's smiley face!

danni & steve said...

hahaha. oh BOSTON... wyoming is the best state EVER. just so you know... :) good to hear y'all are settling in... call us up when you visit!!

Shani said...

He has the coolest look of pure giddiness on his face in his crib. What a cool weirdo kid!