Sunday, December 7, 2008


It is a tradition of our's to decorate gingerbread houses each year around Christmas. Ashley and I were each working on our own and Boston was helping out where he could. Included in the gingerbread house kits we were using were small round hard candies like this one.
Boston was helping me put these on a Christmas tree (upside-down ice cream cone covered in green frosting).
Both Ashley and I became distracted while Boston continued playing with the bowl of these candies. A short while later Boston started picking his nose (not uncommon). Ashley began telling him to stop picking his nose, but to no avail. He picked and picked and picked some more. Then he began saying that his booger hurts and that he wanted to get it out. I stopped what I was doing and took him to the bathroom to get a Q-tip in order to dig the booger out. After he told me which nostril it was in I stuck the Q-tip way up to try to extract the menace. When I pulled the Q-tip out, naturally I looked to see what was giving the kid so much grief. Nothing...... Just a purple Q-tip. I thought to myself "Maybe he had purple on his fingers from playing with the candies.....?" Then I pulled the kid's head back and took a gander up his nose. And....
Do I need to go on? There it was. A small (not so small compared to his nostril) round purple candy. Ashley and I freaked out as we often do in times of "crisis". Somewhat reminiscent of the time Boston pepper sprayed himself. Thoughts of the ER bill that would be mailed to us in a few days made us cringe. I continued to try to get it out with the Q-tip but to no avail. We tried tweezers but the candy was too far back and his nostrils were just too small. Ashley tried nose drops to help the candy to dissolve but Boston didn't like that. About 15 minutes after the original discovery and several failed attempts to dislodge the candy, we finally came up with the idea to find something that we could bend like a hook and shove up there to pull it out. So I took the scissors and cut off a piece of Ashley's Christmas garland. I bent a small hook in one end, shoved it up his nose and the candy slipped right out. We both sighed a sigh of relief that we didn't over react by taking him to the hospital. Boston learned his lesson and right after the candy came out he said "I'm sorry" and gave us both hugs.


Bryndee, Kloee, and Boston watching Rudolf with Pa Rob.

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