Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kolson update/first hair cut

This post is way past due, I've been working on it for a week now but better late than never. Kolson had his well baby check appt last Tuesday. I believe it was suppose to be his 3 month check but he is now 5 months. I'm a little behind and am playing catch up now with his shots. He weighs 15 lbs. 12 oz. (50 percentile) and is 26 3/4 in. He is a very healthy little boy and is growing like a weed. Before I know it he is going to be a little toddler running around with Boston. So sad, but I am also excited for Boston to have somebody to play with or fight with (hopefully more play).

Kolson had his first hair cut a couple of weeks ago. He just had a little trim off the top (not that noticeable). Firsts are always such a big step for me in my kids lives. They are always kind of bitter sweet moments.


I Just had to add this picture. He was playing with his feet while I was getting a before pic and I think it is so cute when babies play with their feet. Boston never could touch his feet because he was such a chubby or he just wasn't flexible enough.


Haha, I don't know if you can see the hair that well, not much
there but thought I would share anyways.