Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This last weekend we went home to get away from the snow. Silly that we go to Idaho to get away from the snow but compared to Wyoming, Idaho has nothing. The plan was for us to go Friday night after Nick got off work but Boston and I were getting major cabin fever and were ready to get out of here sooner so Jordan and Kenny picked us up Wednesday night, which I was so grateful to them for doing that. We didn't want to have two vehicles in Idaho, especially if it snowed over the weekend (I don't like driving in the snow, especially through Palisades). We had a great time while we were there. Saturday night we decided that we really wanted to take Boston bowling. He had so much fun and he did so good. I was nervous he was going to be a little wild and that I was going to have to help him each time it was his turn, but he was so independent and mature about it.

Boston was so funny. He usually runs from the camera when I pull it out but he was totally posing with his orange bowling ball. He keeps telling me he wants to go bowling again with his orange ball.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture but Nick is on the first screen initials NT with a score of 63. Boston is on the second screen BB with a score of 65 and SG with a score of 80 (Boston played in place of Grandma Sherry, she'd rather watch Kolson then bowl, duh). Yes he kicked his dad's butt. Nick was kind of having an off night to say the least. And then there's me, AS at 112. I think that is probably my best score. I was winning until I choked on the 10th frame. Kenny came from behind to win. Oops, Jordan did get a higher score than me but that doesn't count when using bumpers, sorry Jord. And I do have to add my dad did very well. It's been years since he has bowled and Iwas actually impressed and surprised. When I told him I was surprised by how good he was my mom had to add, "I'm not. He has big muscles" oh gosh mom.

And I can't forget our cute little crazy haired Kolson. He was so good the whole time.

Kelsey didn't get to go bowling with us because she had the Valentine's dance at school. She looked so pretty. I'm proud to say she's my sister for so many reasons, not just because she's so cute.