Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grover Park

Ashley's family came to town to visit this last weekend. On Saturday morning we went on a four-wheeler ride in Grover Park, which is a short 5-10 minute drive from where we live. There were 11 people (8 adults and three children) on 4 four-wheelers. Sound crowded? It was. Nonetheless, it was extremely fun. The kids did great and nobody was hurt..... badly. Jay and Sherry were graceful enough to leave one of their four-wheelers with us (since that is the primary mode of transportation out here). Boston has been elated. Ashley and I have been annoyed. On Sunday morning Boston awoke before we did. (The sound of tiny footsteps running from his room through the kitchen into ours) "I wanna ride the four-wheelel." I am sure that is what the kid dreamt about last night. He will not stop talking about it or taking a peek at it out the front window. By the way, I think a bear got into our garbage last night.


Schwab Family said...

That looks like fun!!! Boston is so cute. but i bet he asks every minute for the fourwheelerler. ha ha. now we can just meet at grover park. :)