Saturday, August 23, 2008


The love of his life.

Picnic and marshmallow roast at Grover Park.

Grandma Sherry dressed them both.

Boston thinks every vehicle should have a trailer behind it. He had me rig this up with a shoe lace.

Part 1 of Boston riding in the park.

Part 2


The Miles Family said...

I love the new pics. The one with Treydan & Boston in their boots is hilarious! Oh, and I love the one with Nick and his 2 boys...way cute! I still need your address. I got a little somethin' somethin' for Kohlson. (Or I can mail it to your mom's house, just whatever you want.) Let me know, Thanks. Hope you are recovering well and getting a little bit of sleep.

Schwab Family said...

I love Boston on the fourwheeler!! Where did you get one with reverse?? how cool!!! i love all the pics!!! Kohlson is so cute. I love the one with all the handsome guys!! you have lucked out ash!!!

May Family said...

You guys have such a cute family!!! I can't beleive how much Kohlson looks like Nick!