Sunday, November 9, 2008


Disclaimer: No children were hurt in the making of these video clips. Please do not report me to Social Services.








Erin said...

That is funny, my favorite was the third one. Let's hope Boston gets a little more aggressive by time he is on the high school team.

The Brendles said...

Those videos are so cute! I love it AGAIN, AGAIN, bowen does that too with Tim :)

The Duckers said...

they were regularly $280.00 on sale for $42.99 and FREE SHIPPING! Sorry they were gone, that is SUCH A BUMMER!

Mike and Kaci said...

I must not lie, I have been stalking yours as well. Your little boys are sooooo cute!!! Love it. Now I can officially put you on my side bar. :)

Travis said...

I was laughing out loud, Boston is SUCH a boy! You can totally tell he is a Miles, he looks so much like you and your family. I can see a great set up in the making ;)
Kolson is such a handsome little one too, he is ADORABLE! I'm glad you found us, I would love seeing what you guys are up to. You have the cutest family!

Peterson Family said...

oops, that last comment was from me -Nicole

Amber and Che said...

That's really funny! Hey Ashley it's Amber! I had no idea you all had blogs! I'm so excited! Now I can add all of you on my family list yay! So be sure and add Che and I! ( Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Love you guys!