Monday, January 28, 2008

Dudes Blog Too.........?

Call me "metro sexual." Call me what you will but I thought I would dip into this "phenom" they call "blogging." I highly doubt that Ashley will participate much. She is not much for the written word unless it is a "romantic vampire novel"....? (All females in the audience know exactly what I mean). I do believe blogging should have a purpose. Sure, I could tell you (as if anyone would be interested in my life to read this) my wife is smoking hot or that my son has a sweet jump shot at the age of 1and ten twelfths, but I think a blog should perhaps contain a little bit more. I have read some blogs (branden raisenloaf) that are so incredibly satisfying (yet thought provoking) that after I read them I feel darn near violated (in a good way). So here is my hypothesis:
By nature I am not a funny person, nor overly interesting, nor smart. Why would anyone read my blog? Besides to look at the pictures and see how chubby I have become? That is why I believe in a little principle called "synergy." Ever heard of it? Well, I have. My good friend wiki puts it like this: Synergy (from the Greek syn-ergo, συνεργός meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents. (emphasis added) It is originally a scientific term. St. Paul used the word in his Epistles (Rom. 8:28; 1 Cor. 3:9) to illustrate a dynamic conception of human, divine and cosmic cooperation: "I did the planting, Apollos the watering, but God made things grow . . . We are fellow workers (synergoi) with God; you are God's farm, God's building."
Get where I am going with this associates? I could blog about politics (which I likely will), I could blog about my extreme dislike of Tom Brady (or anything Patriot-ish), I could blog about my visits to the gastroenterologist (which my wife wishes I wouldn't but I probably still will), but if we want to optimize our blogging experiences (synergize, if you will) then we must debate, reply, make fun (followed by an increase of love), agree, expound, etc.

This could be my first and yet the very last blog I ever write. If it is then I will join with the late great Patrick Ewing in declaring "If you can't win a championship then why play anymore?"


Talia said...

I sure hope this isn't your last blog! Keep the post coming, even if they are about your last bowel movement...or lack there of!

Brandi said...

Can I hire you to write my blogs. You have quite a way with words!

Lara Bishop said...

hello. i told myself i wouldnt blog until i was married and actually had something to talk about. but then i saw you joined. and thought i should join as well. i think we can have some good times on this. yes. i believe so. good day.

Shani said...

I am not quite sure if I totally understood your posting(lots of big words, and I am blue collar) but it sounded good, so keep writing and even if you are looking chubby in photos, we will still tell you that you look phenomenal. What are families for?