Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vomiting vs. Merely Dry Heaving

(Warning! If reading about vomit or dry heaving makes you vomit or dry heave, then DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT or you may vomit or dry heave or both)

A good friend of mine (Steve Stone) and his fiance (Daniela Garcia) are moving from Arizona to Idaho Falls. As a Realtor I have been helping them find a home. This last Saturday we viewed a good handful and they narrowed it down to "the one." As we made our way around town Steve and I took the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane. We did a good amount of "revisiting" old times and we often ended each experience with tears in our eyes (from laughing so bloody hard.) One of the moments we revisited was the "Emotion Bowl" (we both attended Skyline) of our Junior year. I recalled how some Idaho Falls students made their way into our crowd and released a fair amount of pepper spray. Everyone began coughing, choking, dry heaving, and me, well I was "wet" heaving. Since I was standing next to a girl and didn't think it would be too impressive that I puked on her, I covered my face with my coat. I threw up all over the inside of my coat and down my arm. Now, you may be asking why am I bringing this up. Well, I bring it up because of on odd coincedence. Here is what happened later that same Saturday:

After the home search I met my wife and son for dinner and then we met back up with Steve and Dani at the Destinations Inn to write up the offer. For those who are not aware, I manage the Destinations Inn (sweet deal on gift certificates right now by the way). Steve, Dani, and myself were in the lobby filling out the necessary paper work and my wife and son were behind the front desk with my wife's sister Jordan, who also works there. My son , Boston, had wandered into the back office behind the front desk. Suddenly, we hear phssssssssssssst (no, that is not a curse word). It sounded a lot like air freshener, or Febreeze, or silly string, or PEPPER SPRAY (we keep a can on site for the night clerks). It took us a while to figure out what was going on. Well, it took us right up until Jordan screamed "Pepper Spay!" Like any loving mother and father would, Ashley and I faaaaaareeeeeaaaaaaked (emphasis added) out. I do not remember how I got behind the front desk to the back office but Ashley pointed out that I got there faster than she did and she was already behind he desk. Obviously Boston was in some major discomfort. He had no idea what was going on or what was causing this intense burning in his mouth and nose. Amidst the screaming he kept trying to wipe his tongue with his hands (which were bathed in mace). Thankfully he did not get any in his eyes. I, on the other hand was not so lucky. The dry heaving and pepper spray caused my eyes to water and being the genious that I am, I wiped them with my hands.

The lobby was like a scene straight out of "Saving Private Ryan" (clean flicks version). People running every which way, coughing, crying, dry heaving, casualties (well, not really). We were able to get Boston outside and after a few minutes the burn subsided. Steve and Jordan did a stellar job under pressure to get the mess cleaned up and keep dry heaving to a minimum. After about 20 minutes with the lobby doors opened we had relieved the building of the pepper spray.

I am delighted to say that it did not take us long to laugh about the ordeal. Can't say I am anxious to relive anything remotely close to it though. So, here is my question. Think about it, blog about it, comment about it, or just plain ignore it: What would you rather do? Vomit or merely dry heave?


Shani said...

That is classic. Be thankful he didn't spray it in his eyes or he would still probably be screaming like a banshee! Good job Boston. Go big or go home!

The Miles Family said...

First of all, dry heave for sure. I know it hurts, but there are a couple advantages: no mess, no nasty taste, no acidy throat.

Next, what a great story! I'm beginning to there anything that's embarrasing or crazy that hasn't happened to a member of the Bishop family? I'm beginning to think not. Good luck in your future mishaps.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Nick, we just stumbled onto your blog from somewhere across the internet. Glad we found it. It's quite entertaining. Good to hear what you guys are up to.

P.S. My wife LOVES Destinations. She's dying to come back. Hopefully there'll be no more lingering pepper-spray odors.